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oktober 24th, 2010 by Liefdesgedichten.nl

You make me feel like I can fly.

Like i’m a flower dancing across the world,taken by the wind

and u are the sky.

And I love that i can call u mine.

I love the smell of u’r skin.

I’m honnourd that u put u’r hart open for me to win.

I’m happy whit evry second,minute,day we have togheter.

No matter about the problems,the people,the weather.

Where ever on this earth u may be,my hart is whit u.

And not only that,i will be thinking about u to.

U toutch my hart whit u’r gold finger,and let

me feel all this new feelings.

And suddenly all things have a reasson,a meaning.

Mabey there wont be a both.u and me forever.

But the space u have in my hart,in my soul

wont go away,never.

There is not enough paper in this world,to tell

u about my love.

But whatever may happen in the future whit us,

there will be a peace of u living in my hart.


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