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Love you..

september 5th, 2010 by Liefdesgedichten.nl

I’m lost,
Lost in your love..

You’ve abducted me,
You’re love is so intens..
I’m afraid, I’ll ever lose it..

I want to ask you,
To be mine forever..
But can I promise to be yours?

I’m confused,
I love you, I truly do..
But I’m afraid..

What if some day,
We stop loving eachother?
How could I bare that pain?

I want to wake up in your arms..
I want you to say you’re mine forever..
And I want to be yours forever..

But will we be able to?
I want us to be..

You and me, me and you..
It feels normal,
Like it’s meant to be..

Is it?
Is this true love?
Please, please, let it be that way..

I’ll pay every price..
Just make this love, eternal..

Wicked Rose

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